Introduce professional grade authentication,
Without the professional price.

OneAuth's Stats

Multi-Product License management from one dashboard.

OneAuth was built from scratch with security as our No*1 Priority, With more features, Better Security, Cheap Prices, Clean and easy to understand Ui/Ux, OneAuth comes out on top of the competition.

$5 A Month
For premium
100% Customer
Satisfaction, Based on a dry run.
99% Uptime
All year round
30+ Exclusive
Awesome Support

OneAuth offers free technical support for both Free and Premium Users,

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Quick And Easy

OneAuth Is easy and quick to deploy, You can get your first product running within 5 Min!

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Dynamic Growth

OneAuth Supports all sizes of products from 1 License to 25,000 Licenses,

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We've made it as easy as possible to add our license manager to your product with out code generator for, C++, C#, Java, Py and Php. We also offer our API for free.

OneAuth Offers better security than our competitors, Our feature set is far greater than out competition.

We are ontrack to launch within a month.

Due to the nature of the product, Refunds are not available after 500 Auth requests Or after one week.

OneAuth Premium is an expansion to OneAuth Free, Allowing for 25 Total Products and 25,000 Keys per products and more.

After your subscription end you get a 2 week grace period to buy more, Or your products will be disabled.

What we provide

OneAuth's feature set

1No coding required

OneAuth offers a code generator suited to your product, All you need to know is Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

2End to end Encryption

OneAuth is the ONLY service to offer EteE, Meaning that Packet Sniffers dont stand a chance to your product.

3Advanced analytics

Agin we are the only service to offer this, Giving you key insights on your users.

4Clean Ui/Ux

OneAuth Has the best looking Ui out there! No more having to learn where everything is.

5Easy to use, Free support and more!

OneAuth was built with passion to provide the best experience as possible! We dont lock away and key security features behind our premium subscription, And we offer support to both teirs, OneAuth is for the community. OneAuth has so much offer leaving competitors on their knees.

Need indepth analitics?

Advanced analytics,
easy to understand.

OneAuth offers comprehensive analytics for your products free of charge.

  • Perfect for expanding your product
  • Easy to understan
  • Free of charge
UI Showcase

OneAuth offers the best Ui/Ux out there!

Heres why.

OneAuth has focused heavily on the UX of the Product Manager, Therefore we made our Ui as friendly and easy to understand as possible.

OneAuth is still in development

OneAuth's color options

Here you can choose wjat ever you want your Ui to look like.

OneAuth is still in development

OneAuth's Main product page

This is the main panel for your selected product, You Create, Manage, Delete Licenses and more here.